Eagle Company Updates

May 17, 2021

Recent Promotions:


Patrick T. Short has been promoted to the role of Chief Operations Officer

Christopher S. Carpenter has been promoted to the role of Vice President of Preconstruction Services

Leonardo Pacheco-Rodriguez has been promoted to the role of Project Manager

Eagle is pleased to welcome new team members:


Andrew Kendrick (Project Coordinator) Brings 24 years of Construction experience to Eagle. A graduate of Saint Xavier High School and the University of Cincinnati. Andrew started in the field learning the logistics of the construction industry and quickly moved into a management position early in his career. Andrew grew to have extensive experience in the on-site construction management and new project procurement having worked in multiple roles throughout his career. Andrew has benefitted and learned every aspect of construction having worked on both the sub-contractor and construction manager side of the industry. Through this experience Andrew can help start the project and see it through to a safe and successive completion.

Bradley Leichter (Project Engineer) Brings 3 years of construction experience from a variety of different disciplines coming from the unique Cooperative Education (CO-OP) Program from the University of Cincinnati. Having a degree in Civil Engineering and hands on experience from an early age, he has the tools needed for growth within the expanding industry. Eager to learn and driven to succeed, Bradley strives to give the customer the best product possible. After graduation he took a year to travel to 3 different continents doing mission and volunteer work providing him with a helpful perspective and a drive to build a supportive community within the workplace. Being new to the concrete industry, he is able to add energy and a fresh perspective to the age-old trade.

Patrick Michael Thomas Short (Project Engineer) is currently a student at The University of Cincinnati pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. Patrick will be joining our marketing team here at Eagle. Patrick will be working with all departments in the organization to learn all aspects of the concrete construction industry. Patrick has expressed his eagerness to get some real-world experience and is willing to learn as much as he can during this time with us. Eagle is looking to provide him with the tools in order to give him the upper hand as well as an opportunity to work with some of the most experienced individuals in the industry.

Sydney Short (Project Engineer) is a current student at Sinclair College pursuing a degree in business and new to the construction field. She has been with Eagle for less than a year but her education and past work in collaborative environments has made the decision to join the construction industry a great fit.

New Projects:

Greenway Station – Seagrove Beach, FL

Ashland Apartments – Ashland, OH

Nestle Purina Green Acres – Batavia, OH

Clemens Food Group – Hatfield, PA

Millcreek – Cincinnati, OH

Crossline – Columbus, OH